Case Studies

A case study shows how Alchemy Training works with a client to meet their needs. Unlike testimonials, a case study is a detailed look at the client’s experience, from the client’s point of view.

Corporate Change Drives Training Need – Dairy Crest

The foundation for the training, created and delivered by Alchemy for Dairy Crest, the UK’s largest chilled dairy foods company, was a project started in 2007.

Simon Cumpsty, then in the group’s central HR function, was leading a business-wide project to develop and implement a single set of HR policies and procedures.

These covered the key areas of grievance, attendance management and disciplinary action. The project was conducted in partnership with the trade unions.

Selecting the Right Supplier

Working closely with the Head of Learning & Development, Sue Blight, they shortlisted 6 possible partners for this project. After a competitive tender process, Alchemy were appointed based on their compelling presentation as well as their track record and reputation within Dairy Crest.

Simon Cumpsty says of Liz,

"What was apparent at the outset was her infectious enthusiasm in terms for the brief and the opportunity, and wanting to take things seriously. She is obviously very knowledgeable and wants to do things slightly differently"

Role Play With a Difference

Simon was concerned that conventional role play would not be the right route to go, so Liz suggested filming some professional actors, handling typical scenarios.

Armed with no more than a headline brief Liz,

"Went off and put together something that was superb in terms of look and feel – very much in line with the business. The appearance of the actors, the language they used and the whole tone of the clips, was superb."

Enthusiastic Feedback

Summing up, Simon says that the success of the project was down to Liz’s approach.

"Her style was challenging without being confrontational, recognising there were issues to be addressed which she wasn’t going to ignore."

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