Candidate Coaching

Whether you are a Recruiter or a Candidate, making the best of every interview opportunity is a must. Alchemy’s team of coaches can ensure that you are ‘interview fit’ for first stage, second stage and final interviews.

Candidate Coaching Interview Preparation – What Happens

On receipt of the Job Description, Role Profile/Competences and the candidate’s CV, our consultant will prepare 3 sets of questions in readiness for the candidate coaching call.

1. C.V.
2. Competency
3. Curved Ball

CV Based Questions

With a fresh pair of eyes, our experienced consultant examines the CV. As well as creating a unique ‘Timeline’ version of the document, which produces a visual representation of the career journey, they are looking for any areas that might come to the particular attention of an interviewer.

Competency Based Questions

Most interviewers are keen to take the risk out of recruitment, by searching for previous and relevant experience. Most candidates are catching on to this, but may only have prepared one example for each competence. The question “when else?” can really throw a candidate, so this is an opportunity to create a bank of great responses.

Curved Ball Questions

From the obvious “What do you know about our company” to the more obscure, these – often seen as wash up questions – thrown in towards the end of an interview, can undo all the good that a candidate has done.

As the calls are conducted over Skype, our consultant is able to offer tailored feedback around the non-verbal as well as verbal responses. They are on the lookout for any incongruences, such as looking away, hand-to-face gestures, shifting in their seat etc. As more and more interviews are being held over Skype, they can also make observations about the ‘back drop’ e.g. a bare bulb hanging down in the spare room, dogs scratching at the door, a cot in the background are all things that our consultants have picked up on.

Candidate Coaching 2nd & Final Interviews

This may be a follow-on, or a stand-alone session. Where candidates have made it through to the second stage, but have been set the task of delivering a presentation, or maybe have received feedback that they should be prepared to ‘sell themselves’ more strongly next time around. Our experienced consultants can help the candidate plan, prepare and deliver their presentation, to enhance the message and reduce the nerves!

Here are some testimonials from previous Alchemy coached candidates…

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